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Top MySQL Development Services Company India

Having 15+ years of IT industry experience we found that due to lack of knowledge clients' applications suffer by not implementing proper structure & queries by developers. On our continuous learning, we found such a way where we could manage/optimize 10M to 100M total records & 2GB to 50GB of database size, by combining third-party other services that made search results faster. Are you facing the issue of query logging issue, site performance due to high volumes of records &the large size of the database, CNet technologies team is the right choice for you.

Our core expertise

  • Optimize existing database structure
  • Analyze & Monitoring can figure out right solutions
  • Optimized queries & make your result faster
  • Improve your search result by combining database through memchase or elasticsearch
  • expertise to migrate Mysql ( < 5.5) old version to New version of Mysql cluster 8.0